Common Toilet Problems

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Many problems can arise when it comes to the plumbing in your home. Shared toilet issues have to deal with flushing, leaking, water levels, noise, and problems with the handle. However, toilet repair is not always a breeze.

Calling someone to take care of the problem is always a good idea. However, it may help to know a little more about the things that can happen, and if you can do anything in the situation.

Flushing Issues

Flushing slowly or half way? It can be because of something clogging the pipes or a valve problem. The flapper may also be waterlogged, causing it to drop too fast.

Not flushing at all? The handle could be loose; the lift arm could have problems, there could be a connection, problems, et cetera. A slow flush can mean that there is a clog downstream or a partial one somewhere.


Leaking Water

If your toilet is leaking water onto the carpet, there are a few reasons it could be happening. Connection problems are possible, as is condensation from humid weather. If there is water leaking around the molding, it’s possible that you have to get it done again. If the seals are leaking, it can lead to a major leak, so you want to take great care in dealing with it.

Other seals on the toilet can leak as well, so make sure to take note of where the leak is originating from and have them replaced professionally.


Noisy Toilet

When your toilet is making a lot of noise, it can quickly become annoying. Whether it be a suctioning sound or whistling, there is always a way to find out the source. If you have an older toilet, the ball float of the ball cock valve could be causing whistling. Hissing is another annoying sound that can happen. The cause is when water is trickling through the supply line.


Handle Problems

If the handle to flush your toilet is stuck or loose, it could be a sign that it just needs some cleaning. There could be a lime build-up around the mounting nut, or it just needs some general cleaning. Brush with some vinegar will help make the lime go away.


Water Levels

Whether the water levels or too high or too low, there is a problem with the water supply or with the toilet itself. There could also be something called a ‘phantom flush.’ It means that there is a slow leak from the tank to the bowl of the toilet.

Pittsburgh toilet repair is easy with Kwiatkowski Plumbing. They will take care of all your needs, and are well-versed in these common problems. Rather trying to fix it yourself, call today and save the trouble and hassle of doing it yourself.


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