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Backhoe Excavation Sewer Lines

Whether you are concerned for your home or business, your property will have a main sewer line. Up until the edge of the property, the main sewer line is the responsibility of the home or business owner because this line connects with all the drain pipes in your home. This is why it is important that it works as it should - or you cannot have running water. In the average home, these lines are connected to a network of ventilation pipes and this prevents sewer gases from getting inside your home.

Does It Affect The Sewer Or Water Line?

Because excavation of sewer or water lines is a big job and can take a long time to complete, depending on the severity of the situation, it is important to know whether it is unavoidable. Most plumbing fixtures in your home have “traps,” which are curved sections that hold water to keep gases at bay. Sometimes, the pipes are clogged and this is where the debris hides. Your home’s toilet operates much the same way and the “trap” section keeps standing water in the toilet bowl. It is crucial that toilet issues are not taken lightly, especially if you feel you have cause for concern - the toilet drain is the largest drain in the house.

A common drain problem for many homes are drain clogs. If the problem is confined to the toilet or sink, it is an easy fix. There is potential for blockage and this can be fixed with an auger or snake. The pipes that run inside your home are often fairly easy to repair. However, things get serious when you find that the clog or leak is affecting multiple drains or appliances in your home.

Avoiding sewer clogs are one way to try to avoid large, costly repairs in the long run. Do not flush items such as cotton swabs, feminine products, diapers, paper towels, or anything else that isn’t meant to be flushed. Even the flushable wipes sold in stores have been known to cause problems. So, it is important to do what you can to avoid these repairs.

Get The Job Done Right The First Time

If it comes to water or sewer line replacement or repair, anything on your property is your responsibility. This begins at the connection point to the city sewer system, including lateral and drain plumbing on the property or in your home. Underground lateral lines require specialized equipment and technical skills. Due to the nature of the job, you want to make sure you work with someone you can trust.

When you suspect your home or business needs sewer or water line replacement, call Kwiatkowski Plumbing. Call in the experts. It is much better than potentially making things worse - and more costly. You do not want to need costly backhoe excavation services if they are not necessary.

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