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Tankless Water Heaters

Hot Water Right When You Need It​

If you have ever taken a shower and run out of hot water before you were finished or had to wait to shower after someone in your household used up all the hot water, then, a tankless water heater might be right for you. Kwiatkowski Plumbing provides tankless water heater repair and services. Tankless water heaters are energy efficient alternatives to traditional storage tank water heaters. They are also known as instantaneous and supply the home with hot water when you need it and never run out. They work by heating water whenever a hot water faucet is turned on.

Cold water is delivered through your pipes and heated either through electricity or gas, depending on the type of tankless water heater you have. Because hot water is produced only on demand and not stored in a tank, it is always available. With traditional storage tanks, hot water supply is limited to the size of the tank, and energy is lost when on standby. Tankless, on the other hand, save significant energy as they are only used as needed.

Tankless water heaters provide hot water at a rate of 2 to 5 gallons per minute when it is operating. In comparison to gas-fired tankless water heaters, electric tankless water heaters produce a lower flow rate. However, it is important to remember that even large tankless water heaters cannot heat multiple appliances, such as the dishwasher and the shower, so it is important to know its limit. Some homeowners simply purchase smaller tankless water heaters for individual appliances, especially those that tend to use a lot of hot water.

Energy And Cost Savings​

Initially, tankless water heater service and installation is more than just a traditional water heater. However, once you look at the benefits of a tankless water heater, this will not seem like such a big deal. The average tankless water heater can last more than 20 years when taken care of, and many of their parts are easily replaceable, which helps extend the life of the water heater itself. On average, traditional water heaters last between 10 to 15 years and are less able to avoid standby heat loss than a tankless water heater.

You will notice the immediate difference in your electricity bill when you have a tankless water heater as opposed to a storage tank. And over time, the less money you will have to spend on annual energy costs can save you even more. Energy savings are also significant when making the switch from traditional to tankless, being on average 24-34% more energy efficient than storage tank water heaters.

Total benefits include:

  • Constant supply of hot water​
  • Smaller in size; space-saving
  • Energy efficient
  • Short and long term cost savings
  • Less likely to rust
  • Longer life expectancy

Because of the many benefits of tankless water heaters, you need to find water heater plumbers that can install them properly. A great plumber will be familiar with fuel type, climate, building code requirements, safety issues, and the overall fit of a tankless water heater for your family and budget. Before you commit to any services, be sure to check the service provider’s reviews as well as references. After that, be sure to get an honest cost estimate in writing. Tankless water heater repair can be a delicate business and you should only work with a contractor you trust.

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