Areas To Enjoy When Following The Three Rivers Heritage Trail

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When we mention the Three Rivers Heritage Trail (Pittsburgh, PA), we are thinking about the riverfront trail that covers both banks of the city’s three rivers: Ohio, Monongahela, and Allegheny. The trail is used for hiking, running, biking, and there are access points for canoeists, kayakers, and swimmers. In total, it is approximately 25 miles long and features stunning views of Pittsburgh. Friends of the Riverfront is the organization in charge of maintaining and promoting the trail. Here are some details that are worth knowing:


The Chateau Trail

In the past, there were five separate trails which merged into the Three Rivers Heritage Trail that today has several unique segments. If you start in the west, you will come across the Chateau Trail, which goes through an industrial area that is almost uninhabited. On one side, you will notice factories and warehouses, while on the opposite side there is a beautiful river setting. You will pass between the Carnegie Science Center and the Ohio River before entering the next vital area.


The North Shore Trail

The North Shore Park is the area where Pirates and Steelers play their home games in beautiful venues called PNC Park and Heinz Field. You will follow the Allegheny River upstream and pass Millvale’s Riverfront Park. If you choose the right spot, you can witness the difference between the traditional and contemporary industry. From here, you can enjoy the urban scenery or connect to the city downtown. Alternatively, you can find a bridge that marks the end of the North Shore section. Passing it will get you to an Allegheny River island called the Washinton’s landing. The trail on the island is in a loop form.


Point State Park

Following the Allegheny River’s south bank, you will enjoy the skyscrapers in the background. The next destination is Point State Park, where you can see Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt remains. If you like breathtaking views check out the stunning park fountain before you move to the Strip District Trail. Today, farmers’ markets, antique dealers, and street vendors fill the neighborhood that used to be strictly industrial.

If you continue southeast from the park, you will pass the location where city mills used to work at full speed, as well as the County Jail, which is why this section is also called the Jail Trail.


Hot Metal Bridge

First, take a moment to look at the bridge, which now is a way for pedestrians to cross the Monongahela River. Here you can choose between two trails. If you pick the Hazelwood section, you will head to the Monongahela River and the Duck Hollow section where you will pass by a functioning rail line. Alternatively, you can choose the Panther Hollow and go to the Schenley Park, which is in the vicinity of the University of Pittsburgh.

Other locations worth noting that are also part of the Heritage Trail are the Station Square section and the Baldwin Borough. We also have to mention the GAP – Great Allegheny Passage that is over 330 miles long and connects Pittsburgh to Washington DC, Maryland, and Cumberland. Read more on places of interest in Pittsburgh, PA, What Is the Best Attraction in the Carnegie Science Center (Pittsburgh, PA)?

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See directions here:

Three Rivers Heritage Trail
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Take Wharton St to E Carson St
6 min (0.9 mi)

Follow E Carson St and Baldwin Rd to Streets Run Rd
15 min (6.9 mi)

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