What Is the Best Attraction in the Carnegie Science Center?

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Are you looking for fun places to visit in Pittsburgh? Would you like for the location to have something to do with science? If you answered both questions with yes, we have a place to recommend! Have you heard about the Carnegie Science Center? Believe it or not, it is just one of the four Carnegie museums in the area, but it is the one that attracts the most attention of the scientific community.


The Basic Things to Know about the Facility

Carnegie Science Center (Pittsburgh, PA) has the most visits of all museums in the area. The exhibits are interactive and spread across a total of four floors. Here are some of the biggest attractions of the facility:

  • Sportsworks
  • USS Requin – a unique submarine from the World War II
  • SportsWorks
  • Roboworld – with more than 30 displays, this is the biggest robotic exhibit in the entire world
  • Rangos Omnimax Theater – there is no bigger screen in the entire Pittsburgh
  • Miniature Railroad and Village
  • Buhl Planetarium – you can enjoy digital projections here

There is a construction process at the moment that involves building an extra wing for many new exhibits planned.


History of the Museum

The Institute of Popular Science and Buhl Planetarium are predecessors of the museum. At the time, it was among the largest planetariums in the country, but its popularity decreased as time passed. The local authorities approved relocation to the Chateau neighborhood in the 1980s and the Carnegie Institute proposed merging the two institutions. That happened in 1987 and, two years later, the construction of the Carnegie Science Center started. The facility was opened in 1991 and the planetarium was reinvented on the site.



If you are a science enthusiast like us at the Kwiatkowski Plumbing, Roboworld will be one of your favorite attractions. You will find this exhibit with over 30 displays on the second floor of the building. There are animatronic and interactive robots, such as Andy Roid. He is there to explain the concepts of robotic acting, thinking, and sensing.

Make sure to visit the Robot Hall of Fame, which includes world-famous machines, such as HAL 9000, the T-800 Terminator, C-3PO, and R2-D2.



There are three separate areas with specific themes, including:
• LifeWorks – focuses on leading a healthy way of life
• Physics of Sports – learn more about momentum, the center of gravity, trajectory, balance, etc.
• Sports Challenge – a demonstration of activities we can notice in many sports


Miniature Railroad & Village

This train display features Western Pennsylvania from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. You can see various scenes that show how people lived, worked, and played at the time. The display covers Edwardian and Victorian eras, the American Industrial Revolution, and the time when the Great Depression began. The models are replicates of genuine structures you can find in the region, including Luna Park entrance, 1869 Indiana County Courthouse, Sharon Steel Corporation mill, the Original Heinz Factory, and so on. The staff and new models and animations every year during the maintenance period. Read more on places of interest in Pittsburgh, PA, Schenley Park (Pittsburgh, PA) Is One of America’s Coolest City Parks.



See directions here:

Carnegie Science Center
1 Allegheny Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA

Take Allegheny Ave and Ridge Ave to West End Bridge
4 min (0.7 mi)

Take Saw Mill Run Blvd to Stilley Rd in Brentwood
17 min (7.5 mi)

Take Prospect Rd to Streets Run Rd
6 min (2.2 mi)

Kwiatkowski Plumbing
1338 Streets Run Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236, USA

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