What Is A House Repiping Service?

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Plumbing can be a complicated system. There are types of pipes flowing into your home delivering fresh, clean water, and then there are those that carry wastewater away. Older piping is traditionally made from copper piping. If you have ever seen a recent show about people stealing copper piping, then you understand the pipes that lurk within the walls of an older home.

Copper piping is excellent for several reasons, the primary being durability, but it isn’t also the best solution. Copper can corrode. When it does, leaks will become present. Copper also has a tendency to expand and contract more than other materials. For instance, during inclement climates like during winter or summer, these pipes can burst or create a leak. The solution to these problems may be resolved with a repiping service.

House repiping addressed the issue of water intake pipes. These are the water lines that deliver clean, fresh water. These are not the ones that expel wastewater from the property. Repiping is a very complicated job; professionals should do that. Many things can go wrong, and many different ways to inflict more damage to a home when replacing pipes. While you may be able to restore some piping on your own, many of the lines are located behind walls and can be challenging to get to.

Many homeowners are reluctant to have a house repiping service done. The estimated cost of repiping a 1,500 square foot home can be over $8,000. This is a large amount of many, but it can solve many issues with just one service.

The older pipes become, more prone to wear and decay they become. What this means for a homeowner is continually tracking down new leaks and repairing the damage done from an untreated leak. However, with a home repiping service, all new piping is installed, which give a homeowner the peace of mind their property is protected against a great deal of damage from older pipes.

One of the top concerns for homeowners is the need to demolish a home just to get to the plumbing pipes. With an expert plumber, there is no need to worry. Every aspect of the repiping is done strategically. Each pipe is addressed individually so that damage to the homeowner’s wall is minimal and completely repairable. For professional plumbers, they will remove the drywall sheet to expose the older piping. Once exposed, they will replace the older copper piping with new pipes that won’t decay or corrode. The drywall then will then be put back into place or replaced.

If damage has already been done to the drywall due to a leaking pipe, it may be recommended that you replace the drywall. This can completely undo the damage done caused by a leaking pipe. Leaking plumbing can cause thousands of damage, but with upgraded plumbing from a repipe, homeowners have the peace of mind their property is sound for years to come. Repiping may be an additional expense, but it is highly recommended for older homes or those that have constant issues with a leaking pipe.


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