The Important Role Gas & Water Lines Play In Your Home

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If you’re like most homeowner, you probably don’t give a second thought to the inner workings of your home. That is unless something isn’t working, breaks, or alerts you in some way of its existence. This couldn’t be more true of any system in the home more than the gas and water lines. Gas and water lines run all throughout and under your house. It’s important to know what they do, and how to identify if you need water and gas line repair.


Gas Lines

The gas lines that run throughout out your home and underneath it are vital for many features. You may not think about gas lines or their function very much, but they help operate many appliances in the house.

Gas lines can be used for heating, stoves, water heater, and even dryers. If your home uses gas, it’s essential to note that lines will age. As they age, breaks and leaks may develop. There is a severe risk of danger if gas lines aren’t repaired quickly. Gas line repair cost will vary depending on what the issue is and where the problem is located. For instance, gas lines that rupture underground outside of the home will need to be excavated.

Gas lines aren’t found in every home. If your home is all electric you won’t have a gas bill, and therefore no gas lines. However many homes in Pittsburgh are equipped with gas lines. There are benefits to having electric versus gas, but if your home was initially equipped with gas changing over to all electric can be too expensive to change over.


Water Lines

Water lines are found on every single property that needs or wants a water supply. The water line is essential for providing fresh and clean water directly to your home’s faucets, toilets, water heater, and other appliances. When you are on the public water system, your home’s water line is connected directly to the street line. The line is then routed directly to your home, where the water is dispersed throughout the home’s plumbing pipes.

A problem with the water line will drastically change the appearance and smell of your water. There are a few ways your water line can become damaged. Age and shifting soil can cause a break in the line. Improperly placed lines in close proximity to trees can also be susceptible to damage from growing roots. If your home’s water comes out of the faucet brown instead of crystal clear and has a pungent odor, this could indicate a real problem.


What Should You Do When You Suspect a Problem With Your Gas or Water Lines?

First off, don’t panic! Every problem with the gas or water line system is fixable. However, you will need to have a PA plumbing company investigate to find the source if you are unsure where the leak or break is located. When hiring a plumber, gas line cost for repair can vary depending on where the problem is found or what needs to be fixed. Calling a professional plumbing company such as K-Plumbing, you can quickly receive an estimate on repairs or have them inspect your property. So, once the plumbing in your house has been repaired, it’s time to have some fun with Pools Above Ground’s awesome above ground pools! Set up one today and enjoy the rest of  the summer!


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