Pittsburgh Emergency Plumbing to the Rescue

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So Just What is Pittsburgh Emergency Plumbing?

In a recent phone conversation I had with a Pittsburgh plumber at Kwiatkowski Plumbing, who I dialed up at 412-681-9525, I was told that most people don’t give much thought to it until the need hits them.

Emergency services are available in various genres.

If your car breaks down on the side of the road with a phone call, emergency tow truck services can be summoned.

In Pittsburgh, emergency plumbing functions on the same principle. Instead of rushing to the rescue to tow your car, though, in this case, the big rush is on to get to your home or business to repair your plumbing issue.

Some plumbing problems can be put off and don’t need emergency services. But then others just can’t wait. They need to be dealt with right away for any number of reasons.

But what someone living in a home or apartment might consider a non-emergency, in a commercial setting, that same issue would need to be dealt with promptly. A small leak causing a wet floor is an excellent example of this.

Is a Plumbing Leak Considered an Emergency?

Yes, if it’s inside a home or business.

Of course, when you have a plumbing leak, you would most likely want it repaired as soon as possible. Perhaps a leaky faucet outside the home that is turning a flower bed to mush. Something like that to one person might be considered something that can wait.

Then to another, that very same leak and muddy flower bed could be considered a plumbing emergency. So it’s easy to understand that often, what qualifies as an actual emergency can be debatable.

It really comes down to who’s willing to pay and how quickly they want the problem solved.

The one thing that there is no debate about is that a substantial volume of water or gas leaking inside a home or business is an emergency.

Even a small amount of water in the wrong place can lead to toxic black mold and, in turn, costly restoration work. Then a gas leak really needs no explaining. Any gas leak needs to be dealt with promptly before it ignites.

Are 24-hour Plumbing Services in Pittsburgh the Same as Emergency Plumbing?

If you live in the Greater Pittsburgh area, then the difference between 24-hour plumbing services in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh emergency plumbing might call for clarification.

So when Pittsburgh plumbers advertise that they offer 24-hour plumbing services, it can mean two things. The first is that, yes, the company employs Pittsburgh plumbers who will climb out of bed twenty-four hours a day and come to your rescue if you have an emergency.

But the second thing that 24-hour plumbing services in Pittsburgh can mean is something that most people never even consider.

That is, it’s a company that employs plumbers in Pittsburgh that are available to work twenty-four hours a day. That doesn’t mean that they will be on their feet for 24 hours at a time. Instead, they provide services primarily for businesses that cannot have work going on during regular daytime hours.

It’s not hard to imagine, for instance, a restaurant or cocktail lounge having their only bathroom closed for plumbing work, but they can’t have it closed during business hours.

How to Unclog a Really Clogged Toilet?

It may be a job for emergency plumbing services.

How to unclog a really clogged toilet is a question nobody wants to be scrambling for an answer for. It’s certainly no glamour job and can often require specialized tools. A pipe snake, for instance, may need to be brought in for the job.

Also, if it’s the only bathroom in the home or business, this for sure qualifies for emergency plumbing services in Pittsburgh. Even so, Pittsburgh plumbers generally charge extra for 24-hour plumbing services in Pittsburgh. This means that you can save some money by doing it yourself.

So the first task at hand is to get everybody in the home to stop using the toilet. Every time someone uses it, the job becomes that much more nightmarish.

Then the next job is to round up a handy toilet plunger and go to work with that. Toilet plungers have never really changed. They look the same as they did a century ago, and the reason is they work.

But there is a newer high-tech toilet plunger now on the market that uses a carbon dioxide gas cartridge to blast the clog out. So if you’re pulling out all the stops trying to come up with the answer to how to unclog a really clogged toilet, that may be something you want to try. Just beware that if the clog isn’t blown out, the toilet’s contents can be blasted back in your face.

How Much Does Pittsburgh Emergency Plumbing Cost?

It will cost you more but not as much as you might think.

It’s not hard to imagine that emergency plumbing services in Pittsburgh would cost more than if you needed a plumber to come to your home or business in the middle of the day.

The word emergency implies that you need a Pittsburgh plumber reporting for duty at your door right away. It can’t be scheduled further on in the week. So the big question is, how much does Pittsburgh emergency plumbing cost? Is it worth it?

In the end, that all depends on you, the caller. Keep in mind what you might consider an emergency may very well be something that Pittsburgh plumbers deal with daily.

So to get an answer to the question, how much does Pittsburgh emergency plumbing cost, 412-681-9525 was pushed into my phone to get Kwiatkowski Plumbing back on the other end of the line.

So when the question, just what is an emergency was put to them, the answer made perfect sense. The Pittsburgh plumber on the other end of the line told me that in most cases, the caller simply needs to be advised to go outside and shut off the main water or gas valve. That costs absolutely nothing. Then they can be put on the regular schedule that week to do the repair.