Must-Have Plumbing Tools For Homeowners

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The holiday season is just around the corner, and you know what that means. It’s time to go shopping! But before you buy your spouse or friend, something they might not want, consider giving something they will find useful! Okay, plumbing tools might not be the most exciting present you can buy for someone, but there are a few tools that every homeowner should have on hand, and purchasing during the holiday season could be the best time to do so. After all, shopping during Black Friday up through New Year, there are incredible deals at virtually every store.

Plumbing is one of the homeowner’s most tackled DIY projects. If you are even considering doing DIY plumbing around your home, you will definitely want to make sure you have these following Must-Have tools by your side:


Plumber's Tape

1. Plumber Tape

One tool, or accessory rather every home needs is plumbers tape. This will be used in almost every application that has to do with plumbing, especially repairs and new installations. If you are considering replacing your showerhead at any point or replacing a pipe, plumbers tape is a must. This will stop leaks from happening while creating a tight seal.


Plunger2. Plunger

We can’t have a list of the must-have plumbing tools without including the plunger. This is mandatory for every home, no exceptions. Plungers will work for any drain, not just the toilet. While you might be thinking they are a one-use wonder, it can be used in the tub to eliminate the problem of slow draining water.


Pipe Wrench

3. Plumber’s Wrench – Pipe Wrench

Known to be the staple tool of most plumbers, the pipe wrench gives you the OOMPH to loosen pipe fittings. The pipe wrench will lock on to the fitting, using its thicker metal material and teeth. These, however, can damage finishes, and if this is a concern, you’ll want to use a cloth before clamping.


Adjustable Wrench

4. Adjustable Wrench

There are tons of wrenches made, and all are designed to help tighten or loosen. The adjustable wrench is a great multi-purpose tool every home should have, and possibly in a variety of sizes. These, as the name suggests, can be adjusted to meet your sizing demands. If you need to tighten down a nut or bolt, this tool will make the job a breeze!



5. Pliers

Just like the adjustable wrench comes in a variety of sizes and can be used for multiple jobs, so can pliers. These are staples in most homes, and you should have a good collection of sizes available. For smaller fittings, consider having a sturdy pair of needle nose pliers on-hand. These can grip better due to their construction and can be put in places that other, larger objects, can’t go. An excellent tip for pliers too, is you can use them to retrieve hairballs that may be clogging a drain, as long as they aren’t too far down and a hand auger isn’t working.


6. Hand Auger

Similar to a plunger, a hand auger’s sole purpose is to clear drains from clogs. These create the ultimate suction for at-home use, which is perfect for toilets and shower drains. You should be careful; however, some hand augers can scratch porcelain pretty severely, so it’s best to find the right model that offers protection against scratches.