Leaving Your Home for the Holidays? Make Sure to Do THESE Before You Leave

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Christmas HolidayGoing on a vacation or visiting your family in another state for the holidays can be an amazing journey. There is no doubt that you will have a great time and it is essential not to have it ruined by a mishap with an empty home. This is why you should check out this list of things to do before leaving the property.


Close the Water Drain

When you are leaving your home for more than a couple of days, the experts suggest you should shut off the main water drain. Additionally, make sure to run the faucets and flush toilets to ensure that you emptied the pipes completely. This is for your own safety as it will prevent any risk of leaks and pipe bursts.

Even if there were any existing leaks, no water means no danger of them turning into a big problem. However, make sure to call plumbing services as soon as you get back to resolve the issue before it migrates into a problem that requires a big repair.

Finally, do not forget your water heater. Most heaters these days have the so-called Vacation mode that saves money on utility bills while you are away. However, if you are aware of existing problems with your appliance, you should call a water heater repair expert before you go.


Turn Off the Gas Valve, But Be Careful!

Your main gas valve should also be turned off, but the process is a bit more complicated than with the water valve. Here you will probably need to use a wrench or pliers. You should also check the meter and write down the dial numbers. Let at least 10 minutes pass and return to check the numbers. If they are the same, you successfully turned off the valve.

Due to your and your property’s safety, it is strongly advised that you do not turn on the valve by yourself. Instead, call a qualified expert that will be able to confirm that the system, including all gas appliances, works correctly. In case there is a need for gas line repair, a qualified professional will also be able to handle it.


Ask the Neighbors to Check on Your Home

If you do not have any reliable neighbors, you can also ask family members. It would be best if they live nearby, but the important thing is that you find a person or a couple of them that can check on your home occasionally.

Your trusted contacts should also know how to get in touch with you at any time or, if possible, have your travel itinerary. If you know a trusted plumbing professional that provides 24/7 emergency plumbing services, you may also share their details so that your contact knows who to call in case something goes wrong because you failed to drain the water from your pipes properly.


Additional Quick Tips

Here are some additional things to cross off your checklist before leaving:

  • Install motion detection lights in your yard and make sure they work properly
  • Invest in a set of lamp timers for your bedroom and living room and schedule them to turn on every evening
  • Unplug all electronic appliances that won’t be used while you are gone
  • Give spare keys to your trusted contact
  • Do not “advertise” on social media that you are going away. Post pictures when you are back

Even if you are leaving the last minute, you should find enough time to cross all the things from this checklist.


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