Common Fixes to a Constantly Running Toilet

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Fortunately, toilets have not changed much in the past several decades. After being flushed, water will fill the tank, lift the float which will lift the lever to open a flapper to cause a flush. The flapper will fall back in place when the water level drops. Unfortunately, we have been facing the same type of issues as our parents and grandparents.

One of these matters is a continuously running toilet – it can be an incredible waste of water, money, and your patience. However, there are a few DIY fixes if you need to know how to stop the toilet from running.

When you cannot get your toilet to stop running, it is not the time to call a professional just yet. There a few common causes when your toilet runs constantly, the first being problems with the chain. Check the link between the flush lever and the rubber flapper attached to it. Jiggle the flush lever and watch the chain between it and the flapper: if the chain pulls on the flapper regularly, it is too short and will pull on the flapper always, causing your toilet to run continuously.

Another common cause is a broken, dirty, or warped flapper. In this situation, you will take your flapper out and check its condition. If it is dirty, try cleaning off any build-up that would prevent the flapper from closing properly, thus causing the toilet to run continuously. If the original flapper is the issue, it will need a replacement. However, it is a cheap fix so no worries here. Just disconnect the old one from its chain and attach the new one. Then, hook the flapper back over the drain.

Float position is a common cause for a continuously running toilet as well. When a toilet is cleaned, the tank should stop loading when the water is just below the overflow tube. If it goes beyond and the tank is still filling, then the flow for the pump is much too high. Ensure to test this method first by flushing and visually looking at the water level. Simply fixed, just bend the rod connecting the float to the pump so that the float is going to be low. It will warn the pump to turn off sooner. If the arm does not bend, you may have to call in a professional.

While you can stop your toilet water running at home with a little elbow grease, it is important you can call a professional if the issues with your toilet or plumbing become particularly dangerous. Kwiatkowski Plumbing Services provide the expert help that you need. With emergency help available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, we will never leave you with a clogged sink or moderate plumbing issues for long.

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