Getting Active This Summer at Breisinger Field

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Getting outside this summer doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you’ve been looking for a new hobby to enjoy, perhaps tennis might be right up your alley. Tennis is a skillful game requiring a considerable amount of cardio, when played competitively, dexterity, and eye-hand coordination. It’s a favorite pastime in the Pleasant Hills area, and you can’t play without the proper court. Well no problems there, because Breisinger Field has four courts that suit the need for area residents to indulge and refine their tennis skills.

One advantage visiting Breisinger Field over other venues is it is entirely free. There is no fee to enter, and there isn’t a fee to play. It is encouraged, however, if people are waiting to take turns politely. But in most cases, there is no wait to play! If playing during the day doesn’t seem like something you’d like to do, because of the sun and heat, the field offers to light, so the fun doesn’t have to stop as soon as the sun goes down. This feature makes it perfect for those that work, and want to get in a later afternoon/evening game with their friends.

Other accommodations available at Breisinger Field include restrooms and water area. But Breisinger Field is more than just tennis courts and restrooms. The park also features a large field and ample parking. In 2015, there were several modifications made to the park, including converting the baseball field to soccer/lacrosse field as well. Other additions made since then was the completion of the athletic complex, which has enabled gameplay throughout the year. Many of the community groups flock to the field during the spring and summer months to host games and outdoor events. It is the best destination in the area for those that are looking for a place to host field games or to take on a tennis match.

Intramural sports play a significant role in Pleasant Hills, and with no surprise, there are multiple parks in the area to accommodate just about anyone’s passion for games. Breisinger Field is a favorite spot for families to go in the evening and watch sports or to get more involved with the community. The fields are well maintained and offer an ample amount of seating for any and all visitors.

Tennis is an active and easy game to get started with if you haven’t played before. The startup cost is minimal, only items needed are a racket and tennis balls. So, this summer, pick up a racket and travel to Breisinger Field and enjoy a game of tennis. Or stop by the field and take in a game of soccer. Whatever, your preference maybe makes this summer one filled with outdoor excitement. Read more on places of interest in Pleasant Hills, PA, Primanti Bros.: The Must-Try Eatery in Pleasant Hills, PA

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See directions here:

Breisinger Field
Pleasant Hills, PA 15236, USA

Head southeast on E Bruceton Rd
0.4 mi

Turn left onto Clairton Blvd (!Pass by Sherwin-Williams Paint Store – on the left)
1.8 mi

Turn right onto Fidelity Dr
0.9 mi

Turn right onto Streets Run Rd (!Destination will be on the right)
0.1 mi

Kwiatkowski Plumbing
1338 Streets Run Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236, USA

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