Bird Watching and More at Pleasant Hills Arboretum

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The Pleasant Hills Arboretum offers several activities to enjoy this summer. Located in the Boroughs of Pleasant Hills, the Arboretum features plant, tree, and bird life that feels like a step away from civilization but right in the heart of town. The Pleasant Hills Arboretum is a place of education as well as breathtaking. Visitors to the parks can gaze upon mature trees that have stood for hundreds of years, or check out the baby trees that have just been planted.

An interesting feature of the park is the ability to donate. When the park first started fifty years ago, it was given by A.W. Robertson and his wife, and funding has continued. Residents love the scenic appeal and how gorgeous a day in the park can be. To maintain the park, help is always needed whether it’s by giving money or volunteering. However, the donation is much more than just a financial contribution. When you donate, every dollar goes towards the maintenance of the park, ensuring trees maintain healthy growth. You can also contribute by planting new trees in the area.

Pleasant Hills Arboretum is a lush 16-acre piece of land that features many species of Western PA trees and birds. Visitors to the park have spotted several amazing birds that are native to the area but aren’t commonly seen around town. The Arboretum makes the perfect hiding spot for many of flyers in the boroughs. They provide a unique activity to a visitor in the early morning hours. The free bird walk is a fun way to get in some morning exercise while spotting bird life along the way. The bird walks are offered on weekdays during the spring and summer months, which is the optimal time to see many different types. There have been over 111 different types of birds found here including the Canada Warbler, Finches, Hermit Thrush, and Brown Creeper. With so many to spot, it can be a great hobby to keep track of all the ones you see when visiting the Pleasant Hills Arboretum.

The goal for the Arboretum is to preserve the land. The 16-acres of rolling meadows and fields have not be compromised by development, and many area residents can enjoy. There are a few rules when visiting the park, such as no littering or biking, but these rules are in place to preserve what is there and maintain its natural surroundings.

There are 27 memorial trees found in the park. Each tree bears a plaque of the person it is dedicated too. Many types of memorial trees can be found including the Flowering Plum, Sugar Maple, and the Eastern Redbud. Tribute trees, as well as gifted trees, are also found around the property which also have plaques, some dating back to the 1960’s. Read more on places of interest in Pleasant Hills, PA, Pleasant Hills, PA Premier Wedding Caterer and Reception Site: Georgetown Centre

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See directions here:

Pleasant Hills Arboretum
Pleasant Hills, PA 15236, USA

Head north on Dutch Ln toward National Dr
0.3 mi

Turn left onto Old Clairton Rd
Pass by Citizens Bank (on the left in 0.5 mi)
0.6 mi

Use any lane to turn left onto Clairton Blvd
0.3 mi

Turn right onto Fidelity Dr
0.9 mi

Turn right onto Streets Run Rd (!Destination will be on the right)
0.1 mi

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