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The Charm of West Mifflin, PA

For many, there are only a few great cities in the United States. Fun in the sun on the West Coast, never-ending nightlife on the East and Southern coasts. These towns are well-known worldwide: Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Phoenix.

While these cities are incredible for a reason, small-town America has just as much like a charm as these famous cities. In the borough of West Mifflin, growth as borough

Mifflin, Pennsylvania was named for one of the seven original townships in the area, split between Washington and Westmoreland counties at the end of the 18th century. Having seen Washington's planning during the Revolutionary War, expansion reduced Mifflin to a smaller area to make room for other townships over time.

In the mid-1940s, it became a borough rather than a municipality, and West Mifflin was born.

It is always useful to understand local history. West Mifflin is located southeast of Pittsburgh, and some of that incredible city spirit has leaked into the borough. With a bit of nightlife, family activities, and plenty to see. Kennywood Park is mainly highly rated state-wide, hailing as both a fun theme park and a historic site. Visit the highly recommended Westwood Bar, and see a movie at the local theatre. The charm of West Mifflin will have you comfortably hooked.

Plumbing services in West Mifflin PA
West Mifflin PA Plumbing services

Visiting West Mifflin can also bring you face to face with your first flying license. At the Allegheny Flying Club, each flight instructor is FAA certified and will teach you just how exciting flying can be. If you aren't interested in learning to fly (those without nerve don't blame you), you can also serve as a spectator. Flying over gorgeous Pittsburgh is the experience of a lifetime. This once-in-a-life opportunity will help you to see a bird's eye view of the rest of the city and the other boroughs, such as Shadyside, Squirrel Hills, and Jefferson Hill.

There is plenty to do and see in West Mifflin. Its growing population also provides plenty of opportunity for help and community service. While significant brand names abound, there are several excellent local businesses. Kwiatkowski Plumbing offers substantial deals on a variety of services, including water and sewer installation, kitchen and bathroom repairs and maintenance, and more. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; West Mifflin has the ideal plumbing expert for your midnight toilet emergency.

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There is always something to see and visit, in West Mifflin. Some may not be as flashy as others, but this can provide a more personalized and comfortable environment for both locals and visitors. While West Mifflin is not on everyone's bucket list, but just being a few miles southeast of Pittsburgh, it is a refreshing break from city life.

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