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Squirrel Hill, PA, Plumbing Service

Squirrel Hill is a quaint borough at the eastern end of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While it is a small part of a larger, busier city, it is an essential piece of the puzzle. Originally inhabited by Native Americans, the name may have come from this population. Another theory is that there were just a lot of squirrels in the area: now that's a fun fact.

With a population of just over 11,000, Squirrel Hill borders with Shadyside, Point Breeze, and Squirrel Hill South.

It is one of the larger boroughs and is famously known in the area for its bustling Murray Avenue. There is a variety of ethnic restaurants, specialty and upscale shops, and a trendy, young flavor.

Think of a smaller scale New York City. It is a favorite spot among the other boroughs in Pittsburgh and maintains that old school image that changes without genuinely changing.

Squirrel Hill is sometimes called the Jewish Quarter of Pittsburgh, reflecting the culturally great Jewish delis of New York City. Try the Kosher grocery and taste something new. Nearly half of the residents in the borough of Squirrel Hills are Jewish, so there is a significant community in this and the surrounding neighborhoods. It is an ideal hub for Jewish culture in the United States. This part of Pittsburgh, which includes Murray Avenue, a favorite spot in the area, has several quirky local shops to give tourists a taste of local culture and history.

Plumbing services in Squirrel Hill PA
Squirrel Hill Plumbing services

Despite its significant city feel, the locals of Squirrel Hill care about their community and its local economy. Small companies play an essential role in this eastern borough. With companies such as Kwiatkowski Plumbing. Also known as Pittsburgh Plumbing Services, they have cared passionately about the people of Pittsburgh. With an almost perfect customer satisfaction rating for their expert-level kitchen and bathroom provided daily, around the clock.

The area is also well-known for the incredible variety of food along major streets such as Murray Avenue. With plenty of authentic Asian restaurants, traditional cafes, and favorites such as pizza and pasta, there is something for every food lovers – and every hungry local – in Squirrel Hill. Skip the fast food chains and support the local area by visiting a mom and pop restaurant and help keep this vibrant borough in business.

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Squirrel Hill is also known for being a beautiful area of the city with traditional, older buildings that will delight any tourist. From any point in the borough, views of the university and the parks are visible – have a cup of coffee and experience a small slice of city life. It becomes a unique experience quickly, and visitors will soon be wishing they could stay a while longer.

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