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Pennsylvania is a thriving part of the lush Midwest. While there are several excellent cities in the area, the state also has a small town charm that can attract many visitors every year.

Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania is a suburb of Pittsburgh, a major city that most of us are familiar with.

However, as a person living within or visiting Pleasant Hills may prefer city life and its openness, it is essential to appreciate the history of a smaller city.

With just a little over 8,000 people, Pleasant Hills is a borough that became such as in 1947. Integrated into Allegheny County, it is not entirely 3 square miles in total. To the Northeast, visitors and locals find West Mifflin, Jefferson Hills to the Southeast, and South Park Township to the southwest. Despite its size, there is plenty to do and see in this charming borough.

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From historical attractions to nightlife, no one will be bored in Pleasant Hills. Find live music, film, local events and natural and wildlife in this beautiful borough. If you are interested in first knowing more about Pleasant Hills, nature centres in the area are each a bustling center for adventure. In nearby South Park, Pennsylvania, the Olive Miller Homestead is a piece of local history, with local artists and battles being memorialized inside the park over the decades. This park and others like it, such as the Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve and Frick Environmental Center, serve as an escape from the stresses of city life in the beautiful autumnal season.

With winter on its way, there are plenty of cold season activities. Nature centers are a great adventure in the autumn, and there are a few different places to show off cross-country skiing skills. Top choices include Mount Pisgah State Park, Boyce Park, and Racoon Creek State Park. Ice skating is another favorite winter activity. The Midwest, especially Pennsylvania, is a beautiful sight in the snowy season: ice skate your heart away and enjoy the holidays.

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Kwiatkowski Plumbing, also known as Pittsburgh Plumbing Services, encourages the idea that small business is essential. From water and gas line repair to a simple kitchen or bathroom maintenance, Kwiatkowski Plumbing also offers emergency plumbing services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mention their well-organized and informative website, and you can save up to $50 on your first service.

Pleasant Hills may not have the pizzazz of Pittsburgh or other large cities, but it has plenty to offer both locals and tourists. Small businesses also help make this borough what it is. Encouraging small marketing rather than the mere promotion of national brands is one of the essential aspects that makes Pleasant Hills a great place to visit and to live.

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