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Ranked as the number one city in Pennsylvania in which to raise a family, Jefferson Hills is a borough all on its own. It may serve as a piece of the puzzle for Pittsburgh, a major city in the south-western part of Pennsylvania; it has a thriving community all its own. With it being a family-friendly city to raise kids and live well, there are many fun and affordable activities in the area.

With a growing population that is now above 10,000 people, this lively presence has had a significant effect on the borough.

There are many things to see and do, from family-friendly to after-hours fun, Jefferson Hills has something for everyone.

Due to its comprehensive family environment, there are a growing number of things to do in Jefferson Hills. If you are taking your kids or grandkids out for the day, will they have fun hanging out in Jefferson Hills? They will have a great day out, and your wallet won't suffer too much. Significant places include the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, which while they cost a bit more, are a great way to make an entire day of memories with your children.

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There are plenty of high places to be when you run on a tight budget: raising a family in one of the best small cities in Pennsylvania, while gratifying, can also be difficult. Thankfully, there are plenty of activities that don't cost much. For example, Jefferson Hills Public Library has a lovely series of reading rooms, local events, and educational activities. The local bowling alley, West View Park, or the always fun Willow Miniature Golf and Ice Cream Shop. Whether you are entertaining kids or a potential love interest, ice cream is still a good idea: Twist & Shout or Custard's First Stand.

For a more adult time away, try highly rated bars and pubs such as Shady's, Interchange Lounge, or Barellas in nearby Clairton. From coffee places to a wide range of restaurants, you can impress your date or friends without traveling too far from home.

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Don't forget the local businesses. For families to indeed grow and thrive, their community must reflect the same growth. Small, local company such as Kwiatkowski Plumbing help to create that solid base on which to build a community. National brands are famous and successful in their right, but the local economy is a priority. Kwiatkowski Plumbing, also known as Pittsburgh Plumbing Services, has emergency plumbing services – 24/7 help from experts that know Jefferson Hills – to keep local citizens' lives running smoothly.

Jefferson Hills is one of the larger boroughs of Pittsburgh, a part of Allegheny County. Growing along with its local families, Jefferson Hills loves small business and local culture. Whether you are looking for a fun night out or a family weekend, Jefferson Hills is not going to disappoint.

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