Why You Should Visit Beedle Park Often This Summer

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With the sun shining, school ending, and temperatures rising, it could mean only one thing. Summer is just around the corner. While it is exciting having more free time, more amount of daylight, it is also that time to find things more outside activities. It certainly doesn’t have to be a struggle when you live in the Boroughs of Jefferson Hills because there is a great little park you should make a daily or weekly routine. Beedle Park is one spot you shouldn’t miss out on! Located at 1599 Decker Ave., Beedle Park is quick and easy to get to, no matter where you live in town.

There are many terrific features about the park that can fill your days endlessly. With over 20 acres of grounds to explore, Beedle Park boasts trails, pavilions, soccer fields and more. One feature many don’t know about is you can ride ATV’s within the park. With so few places to get out and ride, unless you own your piece of land, it’s a genuinely great feature to take advantage of. Several trails within the park offer hours of fun when looking to take an ATV or dirt bike out.

Many of the local communities have groups that play soccer and baseball here. There always seems to be a game or practice happening. There are fun-filled evenings just going out and watching a few games from the local groups. Seating is never an issue when visiting the soccer or baseball fields. Restrooms and water fountains are available throughout the property.

For those moments when you are looking for something to do with your little ones, not in school, there is an excellent playground in the park, which accommodates even the smallest walkers. Experience the fun of having your child become more social and active in a setting that also will build his or her gross motor skills. There are numerous shady spots near the playground, which is perfect to keep the heat down and offers a cooling breeze.

Beedle Park is also a fantastic place to hold special events. Looking for a place to keep your child’s next birthday party or a place to hold your family reunion this summer? You can’t get much better than that outdoor setting here. Pavilions are available to rent for any special event, and the cost is extremely affordable, especially when you compare it to other places around town. Pavilions provide ample shade, while the bbq pits offer the opportunity to grill up delicious hamburgers, pork steaks, hot dogs and more!

Get out this summer and explore one of the most magnificent parks in the Jefferson Hills, PA area. Beedle park is excellent for all ages, and can’t be beaten for the price, free admission! Take the family out, organize a picnic, and enjoy the outdoors and all the park has to offer. Read more on places of interest in Jefferson Hills, PA, 885 Andrew Reilly Memorial Park is Outdoor Fun at its Best

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See directions here:

Beedle Park
Jefferson Hills, PA 15025, USA

Get on PA-51 S in West Elizabeth from Decker Ave and 5th St
7 min (2.5 mi)

Follow PA-51 N to Fidelity Dr in Baldwin
13 min (7.2 mi)

Continue on Fidelity Dr. Drive to Streets Run Rd
3 min (1.0 mi)

Kwiatkowski Plumbing
1338 Streets Run Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236, USA

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