What Qualifies As a Plumbing Emergency?

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When is the right or most ideal time to call a plumber? Home’s can develop problems with their plumbing at any hour, but how do you know which issues can wait for the following day or by appointment? The reason why knowing the difference between an emergency issue and one that can wait could save you big time. Emergency plumbing services are not cheap. While some plumbing companies do have a reasonable fee for after-hours plumbing, you can almost guarantee it’s going to be more expensive.


Shut Off The Water

Leaks big and small are an annoyance. They also can make a homeowner worry that flooding or severe damage can happen to your home. But do holes qualify as something you should immediately contact your plumber for, or can it be put off till the next day? If your home is taking on a vast amount of water, the instinct to call can be pretty high. There is something you can do yourself to stop more water from pouring in, with turning off the water main. Every single home is equipped with water main shut off valve, and in times, for example, when a pipe burst, you can use this shut off to stop water from coming into your home. The downside, however, is you won’t be able to use the shower, faucet, or toilet until it’s turned back on. If avoiding calling the plumber in the middle of the night seems like a great idea, and you aren’t going to be using the water anyway, this simple feature does work.


Determine How Long You Can Put Off Calling

In many cases for plumbing repairs, you can determine whether or not it’s an emergency or if it can wait until regular hours. If after shutting off the water, not having plumbing is too much of a hindering to go without having plumbing services done might be an idea. But if you only have a few hours until a plumbing company opens, you call, and they can fit you in that day, it might not be the worst things to wait and not incur the added expense of emergency plumbing services.

PA plumbers can, at times, help you over the phone to determine if the issue you are experiencing is one that can wait. For problems like a backed up sewer line, a plumber even if called after hours, may not be able to fix it right then and there. A good rule of thumb for plumbing emergencies is to consider how big of an inconvenience the plumbing issue is playing in your life and if it can wait 24 hours to be repaired. Most household leaks can be resolved quickly, and don’t require the need for emergency plumbing services. Calling a plumber for an emergency, even if it isn’t one, can give you the peace of mind that the matter has been addressed, which can be infinitely more beneficial than the added fee for after-hours service.

Every plumbing company does not offer 24 hr plumbing, so you will need to check if it is provided beforehand. Kwiatkowski Plumbing does have affordable 24-hour emergency services available for the Pittsburgh, PA area. In desperate times where you do have an emergency plumbing problem, the PA plumbers at K-Plumbing can help.


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