What Makes Mount Washington in Pittsburgh So Amazing?

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The number one reason that tourists travel to Mount Washington is to see the fantastic view that it provides of the Pittsburgh skyline. Many individuals leave Mount Washington every year with photos of the astounding skyline. It is one of the most stunning views that you can find in America. However, there is more to see beyond Grandview Avenue. The neighborhood has business districts that you can walk, lovely housing developments, and you may find yourself surprised by how much green that you see. Here are just a few of the things to love about Mount Washington.



Everyone loves Ice Cream. If you are visiting Mount Washington on a hot day and need something to help take the heat off, you can check out DiFiore’s Ice Cream Delight in Mt. Washington. You can also find Shiloh Grill, Packs & Dogs, Redbeard’s Bar & Grill, Grandview Bakery, J&J’s, and the Micro Diner. These are excellently placed to grab a bite to eat after a long day of sight-seeing. Most trips aren’t complete until you’ve found an excellent place to eat, and Mount Washington has several to choose from.


The Park

Once you have finished eating, you may still be trying to find something to do. You need a way to entertain your family. You can take a walk through one of the many hiking trails located at the park. In fact, there are many hiking trails that you can find between Mount Washington, Olympia, and Grandview Parks. For those who want a little extra venture, you can go down the city’s most famous hill and take part in the George & Guy Hike. As you walk this trail, you will pass the sculpture of Washington and Guayusa. Sometimes, tourists feel guilty about leaving their pets behind. It is an activity that you can bring your pets along with you, rather than get them back or leave them locked up in the hotel for the entire trip.


Other Attractions

Once you are done enjoying the beauty of the park, you can check out some of the other tourists’ attractions in the area. Not far from the park, is Chatham Village. This neighborhood is a historical landmark and is considered one of the best examples of function and design. The community offers residents a sense of peace while remaining a short distance from Pittsburgh. The village is also not far from Café Cravings and Bigham Tavern. Bingham Tavern is said to have the best hot wings in Pittsburgh.

Grandview Avenue is one of the best places to visit when going to Mount Washington. It’s fantastic to go and see the skyline, especially during your first trip to the city. However, you also might want to make sure that you know everything, while you are there. Sometimes, the best treasures of a trip are the ones no one ever thinks to visit. Put on your explorer cap and venture deeper into Mount Washington the next time you visit. You won’t regret that you did.


See directions here:

Mt Washington
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Take Prospect St and E Sycamore St to E Carson St
5 min (1.0 mi)

Head north on Prospect St toward Halpin St
0.2 mi

Turn left onto Southern Ave
0.1 mi

Turn right onto Virginia Ave
52 ft

Sharp left onto Wyoming St
0.1 mi

Turn right onto E Sycamore St
0.2 mi

Turn left to stay on E Sycamore St
0.3 mi

Turn left onto Arlington Ave
354 ft

Continue on E Carson St. Drive to Streets Run Rd
23 min (8.4 mi)

Sharp right onto E Carson St
5.0 mi

Keep right at the fork, follow signs for PA-885 S/Mifflin Rd and merge onto PA-885 S
0.4 mi

Take the exit toward Streets Run Road
0.2 mi

Merge onto Baldwin Rd
1.3 mi

Continue onto Streets Run Rd(!Destination will be on the left)
1.3 mi

Kwiatkowski Plumbing
1338 Streets Run Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15236, USA

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