Things to Do When Visiting the Historic Landmark Point State Park

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Getting out and enjoying the outdoors is something many in the Pittsburgh area enjoy doing. The outdoors gives a feeling of calm and also provide a great way to get physically active. For the best experience in Pittsburgh for outdoor fun is the Point State Park. This local landmark is not just an ordinary park. It has a rich history of the area. The Point State Park was a pivotal location during the French and Indian War; the Point State Park is a conservation site. Once you arrive at the park, you will begin seeing plaques and monuments that mark significant people and events that have happened in the area. The park is more like an outdoor adventure with a mix of museum-like qualities.

One point of interest in the Point State Park is the location of the Fort Duquesne. While the fort no longer stands, there is an outline of where the structure once was. The Fort Duquesne monument is located on the Great Lawn. Many of the essential points of interest are outlined by granite tracers. Some of the tracers, including the forts granite tracers, are lit by LED lighting. The lighting makes for a spectacular view in the evenings, especially if you are overlooking the park. Point State Park offers recreational programs and environmental education to help visitors understand the importance of the Point State Park and how it’s past structures has shaped the city of Pittsburgh.

The Point State Park also has a museum on site. The Fort Pitt Museum was opened to the public to show the significance of Fort Pitt. It is a more massive two-story building that features a history of the wars fought in the area. One of the main attractions is seeing what the Forts in the area looked like back then. The attractions include Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt, but the primary focus is Fort Pitt. Fort Pitt was the second largest fort in the area and is enormous. The museum also shows how Pittsburgh came to be and the hardships it had experienced. Visitors can see historical artifacts and take part in the exhibits that are on display all year long.

As the only remaining structure from the French and Indian War period the Fort Pitt Blockhouse still stands. It is the oldest architectural landmark in the Pittsburgh area and is impressive to see in person. Care has been taken to carefully restore the structure, for the general public to visit.

After you have visited the historical sites, you might want to take in the beauty of a 100 feet tall fountain. There are some excellent photo points near the fountain and looks fantastic at night. There are 36 acres of the park so getting out and exploring the area is more than just a one day adventure. If you are looking for something to do and learn about the city as well as the role it played in the American Revolution then this is a great opportunity. Most of the structures are free to the public, which makes this a destination remarkable for anyone looking for fun on the cheap.


See directions here:

Point State Park
601 Commonwealth Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

Get on Crosstown Blvd/Liberty Bridge from Boulevard of the Allies
6 min (0.9 mi)

Head east toward Commonwealth Pl
295 ft

Turn left onto Commonwealth Pl
125 ft

Turn right onto Boulevard of the Allies
0.7 mi

Use the right lane to merge onto Crosstown Blvd/Liberty Bridge via the ramp to US-19/PA-51
0.1 mi

Take PA-51 S to Stilley Rd in Brentwood
13 min (6.1 mi)

Merge onto Crosstown Blvd/Liberty Bridge (!Continue to follow Liberty Bridge)
0.4 mi

Continue straight onto Liberty Tunnel
1.2 mi

Continue onto W Liberty Ave
190 ft

Use the right lane to merge onto PA-51 S/Saw Mill Run Blvd via the ramp to Uniontown (!Continue to follow PA-51 S)
4.5 mi

Take Doyle Rd to Streets Run Rd
4 min (1.6 mi)

Turn left onto Stilley Rd
0.3 mi

Continue onto Doyle Rd
1.0 mi

Continue onto Streets Run Rd (!Destination will be on the right)
0.3 mi

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