The 5 Worst Sewage Drain Repair Fails of All Time Could Have Been Prevented

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The worst sewage drain repair fails are typically the ones that we cause without realizing it. There is a reason that sewer drain repair and installation should be left to the professionals. Most homeowners can deal with a few common problems. However, most homeowners also commonly make the mistake of trying to fix things that are just over their head and that they are unable to settle on their own. Here are some of the worst drain repair fails of all time and how the problem could have been prevented.


1. Not Fixing The Problem

We’ve all seen the time when the water in the sink, bathtub or toilet would not drain. It typically indicates that there is a clog somewhere. There are times that you can unclog the pip on your own and do a back-flow testing. However, there are other times that you may try to unclog it on your own and find that the clog is too big. One of the biggest fails for sewer drain repair is clearing the pipe enough to let the water drain so that you can keep using it. It can lead to substantial maintenance in the future because you haven’t fixed the problem.


2. Chemicals Can Destroy Your Pipes

Another issue that individuals face is thinking that they only need a chemical fix. Many homeowners believe that fixing a clog is as simple as running to the store and purchasing a chemical solution. Pouring chemicals down your drain is not the best way to clean the pipe. Compounds have limitations, just like everything else. When you pour the chemicals down the drain, it clears a path for the water to flow. It’s not going to remove the build-up from the sides. It means that you will be facing the same problem again shortly. The chemicals can also do severe damage to the pipes and have you facing intensive repairs in the future that could have been avoided.


3. Drain Cleaning Isn’t For You

Some drains will stay blocked for an extended period, then suddenly begin working. You may think that because the pipe is working correctly, you don’t need drain cleaning. However, even if the drain has already started to work, you still need to have it cleaned. Not addressing the issue can lead to a more extensive sewer repair in the future. In fact, one of the biggest sewer fails is thinking that the problem has fixed itself. The truth is that the material has probably begun to move, and this is a sign that there is a significant issue with the drain. If you do not call in the professionals, you will have a pipe that is continuously backing up. By cleaning your drains periodically, you can avoid significant mishaps in the future.


4. The Snake

Another major fail is homeowners that think they can tackle every problem on their own. They believe that they can use a snake and leave the professionals out of it. When you use a snake, you need to understand that you are moving the clog through the drain. The snake uses a circular motion so that it can pull material off the pipes as it goes. You can also attempt to remove the clog out of the pipe. The mistake is thinking that the results are long term, because they are not, and can lead to significant problems in the future.


5. Installation Fail

When sewer drain installation isn’t conducted correctly, it can lead to expensive repairs. Individuals that install sewer drains on their own make common mistakes that are expensive to fix and lead to significant plumbing problems. The first basic error is not installing the drain slope correctly. The next is having unvented traps. Finally, many individuals use the wrong tools when they need to fix their drain problem.


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