Tell-tale Signs That Your Sewer Lines Need Replacement

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When drainage issues continue to recur persistently, there is most likely a bigger problem that needs to be fixed. A Pittsburgh sewer repair professional may be able to fix the problem with simple routine maintenance and cleaning. But sometimes, the problem might be a lot bigger, and you might need a complete overhaul of the entire sewer line. Although knowing when you need a re-servicing or a total replacement is your plumber’s call, you as a homeowner shouldn’t be left in the dark. There are some red flags to check out for that tells you clearly that your old sewer line needs replacement.


Old Age

Everything ages with time, your old sewer included. Even if it doesn’t show visible signs yet, if you just moved in or have been living in a house that has been built for over 50 years then you should know that the sewer needs to be replaced.


Persistent & Long-Term Problems

If you’ve had to call in your plumber so many times within a short time, you should consider replacing the entire sewer line rather than continue to fix it over and over again. If it’s a new house with pipes that are relatively young maybe it is merely an undetected fault, and a more detailed diagnosis might get to the root of the problem. But if the pipes have been in active use for some years and they all of a sudden start throwing tantrums repeatedly, then it might be time to get a replacement.


Water Issues

When water continuously gets backed up in your drains, you need to call in a plumber near Brentwood. Sometimes a single clogged pipe might cause water to back up. But when water from one place is getting backed up somewhere else, like water from your sink getting backed up in your tub, then you are most likely having a fault in your main sewer lines, and you most likely need a replacement.


Strange Sounds

You might have noticed a gurgling sound when you try to flush the toilet or use any other plumbing fixtures in your home, that is a pretty good tell-tale sign that something is wrong underground. You might also notice some air bubbles each time you flush, and these signs point to a possible clog in the main lines of your sewer.


Tree Roots

One of the significant causes of pipe damage is tree roots. If you have a big tree on your property, or close by, you might not see it but it will most definitely have a massive root system that might be encroaching into your sewage system and can cause severe damage that may require you getting some professional help.

While minor faults can be fixed with little twists and turns here and there, a significant error in your sewer line will require more attention. Hence it is essential that you look out for the signs mentioned above and call in the experts to help you get your sewer fixed before the damage gets even more prominent and harder to handle.


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