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Libraries are a fantastic place to gain more knowledge, dive into a good book, and check out the most recent releases. With online services and features being a must these days, the library has followed suit. The Brentwood Public Library has taken fully integrated their selections to an online format. This means that those looking to read a new book can simply check it out online, for free! The library has pretty decent hours open until eight on the weekdays, and convenient weekend hours too.

Libraries are excellent resources for those on a budget and want to check out new media. The Brentwood Public Library provides many choices from music, movies, books, and helpful online research resources. Features available at the public library of Brentwood, PA include:


Resource Databases

Databases have always been something libraries offer to their visitors. At the Brentwood Library, they give access to the Ancestry Library, Consumer Reports, HeritageQuest, and EbscoHost. The Ancestry Library helps those seeking to know more about their family history. This feature isn’t available online, and you must stop by the branch in order to take advantage. However, there are other databases you can access online, with just a simple login with your library card.



Ebooks have become widely popular thanks to being able to access them anywhere you’d like without having to lug a paperback around with you. The Brentwood Public Library has several different resources to obtaining free Ebooks through their online system. OverDrive is a popular option that contains nearly any and everything you could want to read. If EBooks aren’t your thing, and you still want to have the book in hand, which there isn’t anything wrong with that, you can always visit the library and check out a physical copy of almost any book you can think of.


Audio and Movie Downloads

One of the best resources available through the Brentwood Public Library is the chance to download many different audio and movie selections. Skip the Redbox, and head over to the library, or check out their online selection through Hoopia. These are free to download but do have a return date. It is an excellent way for those that want to check out something new but don’t want to waste money at the RedBox. To access the sites for downloading content, you’ll need to have your library card.

Getting all these wonderful features is as simple as visiting the Brentwood Public Library. You will first need a library card to get started, and these can be obtained by merely providing your ID. Don’t miss out on the great events that are hosted here as well. Numerous children events help to encourage a lifelong love of reading. Many of these event activities are occurring which is excellent for parents who are wanting something to do with their kids throughout the day, and something more educational than sitting at home. Some of the classes offered also have hands-on things to do that will help little ones gain a better understanding of the world around them. A calendar of events is available on the Brentwood Public Library website. Read more on places of interest in Brentwood, PA, The Hidden Gem in Brentwood, PA: Brentwood Park

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Brentwood Library
3501 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15227, USA

Head south on Brownsville Rd toward Pointview Rd
0.3 mi

Turn left onto E Willock Rd
0.7 mi

Slight left onto Prospect Rd
0.2 mi

Turn right to stay on Prospect Rd
0.6 mi

Continue onto Streets Run Rd (!Destination will be on the left)
0.4 mi

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