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Upon first hearing about a place called Randyland, you might be curious as to what exactly it is. Is it a playground, a shopping center? Surprisingly Randyland is actually more of a museum than anything, which features some pretty fascinating pieces of artwork. The catch, the artwork is located mostly outside, unlike other museums that store their works of art inside!


Randy Gilson, a creator of nearly 300 pieces of artwork, opened Randyland to have visitors come and open their minds to a fun, colorful take on modern artwork. Randyland is open to the public and is perfect for all ages, kids included. The best part about visiting the “museum” is it’s absolutely free. The museum isn’t as large as others in the area and is the home of the artist himself. The area is roughly the size of an average Courtyard. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to see everywhere you look. Randy Gilson has filled the area with some of the best complementary pieces to his artwork that make it a wonderful collaboration of materials and colors. Some features you wouldn’t expect at Randyland include:


Selfie Spots

This day in age, we all love to whip out our smartphones anytime there is a selfie worthy shot in sight. Well, at Randland many photo opportunities are ideal for those looking to snap a few shots and share with their online followers. One of the reasons these selfie spots are so favorite is the vibrant, colorful backgrounds the artwork provides.

There are four central locations you’ll want to check out when visiting, and take advantage of the photo opportunities. The Map of Northside, Outdoor Murals, The Mirror Wall, and The Psychedelic Staircase all share the same vibrant colorful and playful backdrops. Visitors are encouraged to have fun with the works of art. They inspire smiles and even sometimes a dance move or two.

The Mirror Wall incorporates over a dozen mirrors on the back wall that reflects the other artworks that surround making it one of the most visually stunning places to not only see but take pictures of.


Destination For Photo Ops

If something different is in mind for a photo opp like engagement pictures, or you would even like to propose, Randyland could be the place for you. It is indeed unique, and unlike any other place you could pop the question or capture your engagement photos. Because of the outdoor fun feast of colors is so different, it will surely be a time you will never forget.

Companies can also rent the area to do modeling shoots as well. Anything from clothing companies to businesses that design jewelry have found Randyland to be a bit of an inspiration. How can you not get inspired by the colorful and playful and somewhat whimsical walls splashed with almost every color of the rainbow?

If your a fan of artwork or looking for a nifty and quirky place to visit, you have to check out Randyland. Randyland is a place you won’t soon forget, and with all the photo opportunities present, you’ll have plenty to look back on. Read more on places of interest in Brentwood, PA, The Brentwood Towne Square Offers Fantastic Shopping and Eatery Experiences

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